IND vs PAK LIVE Cricket World Cup 2023

The most famous rivalry in cricket is between India and Pakistan and today is the day when these two powerhouse of cricket will be competing with each other on the Big Stage of Cricket that is Cricket World Cup 2023.


30.3 Over


30.3 Over

IND 192-3

Shreyas HIT Four to complete his 50 and made IND WIN

21.4 Over

IND 156-3

HITMAN mistimes slower ball and get caught at mid wicket at 86 runs of Shaheen Shah Afridi

21.0 Over

IND 154-2

14.0 Over

IND 101-2

9.5 Over

IND 79-2

Virat Caught at MID ON of Hasan Ali

6.4 Over

IND 50-1

2.5 Over

IND 23-1

Gill Departs. Caught by Shadab on Shaheen Shah Afridi.

2.0 Over

IND 22-0

India Off to the flying start. Shubhman Hits 3 FOURS of Hasan Ali

1.0 Over

IND 10-0

India Start Batting

India need 192 in 50 Overs

42.5 Over

PAK 191-10

Jadeja LBW Out Rauf

40.1 Over

PAK 187-9

Hasan Ali Lofted Caught By Gill

40.0 Over

PAK 187-8

Nawaz Lofted on Pandya Caught By Bumrah

35.2 Over

PAK 171-7

Bumrah Bowled Shadab Khan

34.0 Over

PAK 168-6

Bumrah Bowled RIZWAN on 49

IND Strikes 3 Wkts in 2 Overs

33.0 Over

PAK 166-5

Kuldeep Bowled Iftikar

32.2 Over

PAK 162-4

Kuldeep Strikes. Saud Shakeel LBW Out on DRS

29.4 Over

PAK 155-3

SIRAJ Bowled BABAR AZAM. He scored 50 of 57 Balls

29.0 Over

PAK 150-2

BABAR AZAM Complete 50 of 57 Balls

29.0 Over

PAK 150-2

BABAR AZAM Complete 50 of 57 Balls

24.3 Over

PAK 124-2

INDIA Review against BABAR AZAM, survives by the margin

19.0 Over

PAK 102-2

13.2 Over

Mohd Rizwan Survives

Jadeja Bowl Umpire game LBW Out. DRS Saves Him

12.3 Over

PAK 73-2

Pakistan 2nd Wicket Down.

10.0 Over

PAK 49-1

8.0 Over

PAK 41-1

Pakistan Lost 1st Wicket

0.0 Over

PAK Batting Start

Bumrah Bowling 1st Over


IND Won Toss Chose to Bowl

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